How to download and Install Arf player?

Arf is an file extension which ends with .arf format, generally Arf is known as Advanced Recording Format. WebEx providing Network based recording feature from this Network recording we can get .arf files. This .arf file extension file is generated when a user downloaded the clip.

We all know that the .arf file is generally having information like audio, video, meeting, conversations and much more.

After downloading file we try to open the file but we can’t able to open this file and getting Incompatible errors.

To play these .arf files you need a separate player which is provided by WebEx. You can simply follow the below links to download the WebEx player which will help you to play these files.

This player is in two platforms one for Windows operating System and other for Mac Operating system.

Click for windows

After downloading this player you can just open the file and follow the installation steps to Install this player.

You can see the installation steps in below images:

Installation step 1: open the downloaded .exe file.

Arf player Installation

Accept license Agreement

Select user or Organization who can use this player

Select complete options.

All prepared just click on install

Installation finished just click on finish

below is the screen of player

4 Comments on "How to download and Install Arf player?"

  1. Jamilu Muhammad Usman | December 16, 2016 at 10:07 am | Reply

    I’ve installed the WebEx Player, but when I play the recordings, it pop-up an alert “Unknown file format. You may update your Network Recording Player and try again”

  2. works fine, thank you!

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