ARF player is not actually any player but Arf is a file format. Arf stands for Advanced recording file (ARF). Generally arf file is ends with the extension “.arf”, which file will be recorded from web. And .arf file format is also used for Automatic Response File.

Convert MP4 and WMV using Arf player

Every single file type is not similar and created as same format. So they are different file formats for supporting various types of devices. For this purpose it is required to convert the files. In this case we’ll discuss how to convert WMV to MP4 files using Arf player.

MP4 is Remarkably Popular on computers and android and ios mobiles since it is used by a lot of devices. So it can be accessed by your device on the supported format,so you may choose to convert it.

There are many technical videos and pdf guides on how to convert files online. WMV files are important because these are the sorts of files your home videos have been made from.

This might be the arrangement of your son home recording. On the internet it taught the way to convert WMV files. This guide will describe how to do exactly the reverse. It will describe how to convert MP4 to WMV.

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What is ARF File?

Arf is a file format or file extension for a Webex advanced recording file. The webex advanced recording file will recorded in Network-Based Recorder (NBR). Arf stands for Advanced Recording File. The .arf format is recorded from WebEx Network based recording.

What is ARF Player and How to Open ARF file?

arf player

People have a question like what is WebEx?  The answer is simple for this question WebEx is Cisco’s Web conferencing Program.

WebEx is a simple way to exchange ideas/ thoughts and information with anyone across the globe. It is useful for desktop sharing and also for mobile recordings.

Some people also call WebEx as online meeting, why because they use this as a business purpose to do business meetings.

WebEx is an online meeting recoding platform which offers to record webinars and seminars. WebEx creates the recored file in .ARF file format for this format people are checking arf players. But in reality there is no arf player arf is just a format.

For playing these Arf file you need a player. Webex provides a Network Recording player for both windows and for Mac Operating Systems, which is useful for playing .Arf files.

You can download this Network recording player at free of cost and this player can open .ARF file. Or you can also convert the .ARF file to windows player and can play on windows with the help of WebEx player.

The .Arf file which we can see are directly downloaded from the WebEx by the user. These files have information like actual video and audio information and much more saved on different panels.

WebEx Advanced recording file:

To play the WebEx advanced recording file we don’t need ant separate arf player but we can use the free player which provided by WebEx.

When any meeting or any webinar recorded by users the recording files will be saved as .Arf Format. And it can be opened with the help of WebEx player.

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Types of Contents in ARF File:

In general the .ARF file contains the any of the following types of content,

  • Video,
  • Audio
  • Pools
  • Q&A Results
  • File transfer
  • Annotation
  • Participant lists
  • Chat conversations
  • Desktop shares.

Download ARF Player from WebEx:

The WebEx network recording player is available for both Windows and Mac and it is free of cost provided by WebEx.

When the First time you download your recording from WebEx it will ask you download the WebEx player to play.

The recording will be done in WebEx Network-based recorder (NBR) and they are in Advanced recording  file (ARF) format. With the help of WebEx network player you can play and you can also convert the .arf file to Windows Media Format (.WMF) or Shockwave Flash Object Format (SWF).

From WebEx website you can check your video streaming or play your video. The streaming allows users to play the video without downloading.


And you can download arf player and also check the installation steps of WebEx player or Arf player from above.

Installing the Webex Network Recording Player (ARF Player):

You want to play and check the recorded file you need Webex Network Recording Player, available in your computer.

To install webex network recording player Follow the below steps:

  • First login to your WebbEx.
  • On WebEx service site, on the left navigation bar, click Support >Downloads.
  • On the Downloads page, under Recorder and Players, click the Recording and Playback link.
  • From the Recording and Playback page, click the Download link for the WebEx
  • Network Recording Player to play Advanced Recording Format (.arf) files.
  • After Downloading done Click Run.
  • Follow the instructions in the screen to install the WebEx Network Recording Player.

By following these simple step you can download Network recording player from WebEx and this Network recording player will help you to play .Arf extension files.

After downloading .arf file you can check and play it in your computer with the help of network recording player provided by WebEx.

You can also convert the downloaded .arf file to any other formats like .WMV, .AVI, .MP4, .XVID, or .MPEG. and after converting that file you can send the converted file to your friends who doesn’t have Network recording player in their PC’s.

Check the below video To download and In stall Arf player.

WebEx Player:

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WebEx Player Functions and its use:

WebEx player also provides with the ability to perform very helpful actions before and during the video conference call. Online exhibitions and webinars along with virtual meetings are possible to capture both key presentations for product presentations and promotions.

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Reliable and trusted software:

There is less concern about its performance and reliability as WebEx is developed by Cisco Systems. 24-hour direct support is the ability to view various types of features and simultaneous use of some of the most useful features that can be purchased with this software with seven different video screens simultaneously.