Collate Printing

Collate printing is a term or an Option Available in Printing Multiple copies from a printer. There are many occasions when we need multiple copies of same file.

Everyone knows how to take a print, but when it comes to printing, multiple pages in a sequence are known as collate printing, what exactly the term collate printing mean?

collate printing
Difference Between Collate and Non Collated.

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What does collate printing mean?

Grammatically the word “collate” is a verb that indicates the collection of items arranged in a sequence or proper way and the word collate printing is used to refer the order of pages in sequence to be able to take a print.

Collate printing is mainly used in the process of printing materials, booklets, office documents and story magazines. If you are looking to take a print more than one large document then you should arrange all the documents in a sequential order that is where collate printing comes in.

Generally the word collate is referred as collecting or gathering of related informational documents in a correct assembled sequence or order together.

If you are looking to take a print of multiple copies, you can collate them as a set of documents instead of single pages.

Why I Must Use Collate Option?

It is very irritating inconvenience when you need a same set of documents printed for ten times, so that you can send or share it with 10 people but your printers arrange all the 10 page one’s in stack. This means you need to sort all them in an order. This is where collate printing works and would do this job for you.

Collate printing is often used for printing large documents; it is very helpful to you while printing too big files in to several pages. In these cases, collate printing gives you a correct sequence of arrangement for your file and sort it out in a proper order like page after page, sheet of paper after sheet of paper in perfect sequence of order that exactly sorted in your original file.

For Instance, if you want to take a print of booklet that has 20 pages and you want to make the same print for 20 booklets then collating makes it easier for you to do this job.

By making the use of collate printing you can take all pages to print (1 – 20) in a booklet align in a right order and further it repeats for another 19 booklets to take print out in a perfect arrangement of documents in the booklet.

If you don’t enable the collate printing option in your printer and if you need to take print of 5 copies of the same document then your printer prints like 11111, 22222, 33333, 44444 and then 55555 order.

In most of the popular printing machines, collating option runs in default but you can also change or disable this option before you take prints as this depends on the requirement and type of the print.

Advantages of Collate Printing

collate printing

At the time you wanted to take a print of large documents of a single file, collating option enables you for correct arrangement of all your pages before you print.

By using this collating option, you can reduce your time as it automatically sorts all your pages in a right order and you can save a lot of time in bulk printing of pages of the same documents. It helps greatly for any business by saving time in re-arrangement of the same printed documents.

Collate printing is very useful option whether you are printing broachers, educational guides, leaflets, eBooks and other pdf files.

How to enable the collate option in your printers

There are so many printers has this collate option enabled by default. Before you print the documents of same file, please check the collate option is ticked in your printer. You will find a symbol or icon of three piece of papers in your printer hardware.

Always select it for collate printing of your documents before you going take a print and it automatically re-arrange your entire document in correct way and print it in a right order.

Try out collate printing today, it makes all your printing works go easier. You can no longer need to arrange your papers manually and all this can be done automatically just by enabling the collate option in your printers.