Convert Arf file Format to Mp4 Format using Wondershare

Arf is a file extension which is created from WebEx network based recording session. In general Arf files having all kinds of information like audio, video, meetings and much more. These all kinds of files are ends with .arf which is arf file format.

To Convert Arf files to High Quality MP4 video you have so many tools which have their own features and advantages. Wondershare is one of the popular software which helps to convert your arf files to mp4 without loosing any quality.

Arf to Mp4 using Wondershare:

Wondershare video converter is one of the best software which satisfies more customers by helping them to convert their arf files to Mp4 format. Wondershare video converter allows users to watch and share videos in any device.

Following are the Features of this Converter:

  • Using wondershare video converter a user can be convert their arf files to mp4 format with 30 times faster than the other applications.
  • This converter allows users to Stream their videos in their televisions without connecting USB.
  • This Converter has a feature that it allows users to store¬†HVEC videos in small size with HD quality.

Important Point is that to use this software user need WMV file format which can be done from WebEx player.

Download wondershare converter from below links:



Following are the screenshots of Wondershare converter :


Wondershare 1


Wondershare 2

Step 3

Wondershare 3


Wondershare 4

Step 5

Wondershare 5


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