Download and Install WRF Player

Wrf file is originally created from WebEx Network based recording. To play or view this .wrf files user’s must need an WRF Player or WebEx Player.

Wrf file having information like audio, videos, meeting, conference, seminars etc. Wrf player’s UI is designed user friendly so it can easily understood by every user.

To Download the WebEx player of Wrf player you just Follow the below links, This wrf player is in two platforms one for Windows operating System and other for Mac Operating system. You may download what your need.

After Downloading just Double click on the Downloaded file to install it in your PC, And Follow the installation  instructions. You may See the Following instructions.

Double click on the Download file

wrf 1

Accept the License Terms agreement.

wrf 2

Select Complete options to install All features

wrf 3

Finally Select the drive where you want to install the player.

wrf 4

Setup is ready to Install Just click on Install Button.

wrf 5

Running Status…….

wrf 6

Final Process Copying files.

wrf 7

Installation finished just click on Finish.

wrf 8

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