WebEx Capabilities for Web Conferencing

Cisco WebEx ™ Technology is the next best alternative when you meet with your customers, co-workers or partners. Meet, present, share and collaborate with 3 or more participating 3,000 participants on the web.

Cisco WebEx requires you to do the job right. And as you provide internet access, the hassle of the required downloads, updates and maintenance will be deleted.

Whether you want to schedule a meeting in advance or to manage one of the fly, Cisco WebEx join Meeting has started up your compound quickly and easily as your mouse click. You can start a meeting from Microsoft Office, Outlook or your own personalized Cisco WebEx URL and invite your partners through email, text or instant messaging.

Once in your virtual conference room, Cisco WebEx’s multi-video integration allows you to embed real-time video with standard and high-definition. Multimedia Content, Application, and Desktop sharing will give your participants a more engaging and efficient experience and will give you the ability to control participants if you choose.

Documents and presentations can be shown in full screen or zoom mode without diminishing image resolution or quality. True browser-based web-page allows co-navigating hosts.

In addition, Cisco WebEx web conferencing, audio conferencing and video conferencing services include polling, integrated audio controls, note panel, distribution lists, lotus notes, Microsoft Office and Outlook integration, floating icon tray, auto-play displays, desktop cooperation and application sharing, And PowerPoint support for animation and transitions.

Finally, with the record, edit and play feature back, you can record and then edit your entire meeting or desktop application for future play. After saving, your participants will be able to listen and watch your recording offline.

Cisco WebEx Technology lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, platforms and devices, whether they’re inside or outside your firewall.

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