Webex Join Meeting

 Webex Software Review – Know the Benefits

webex join meeting

Webex join meeting software is one of the trending softwares online. As online meetings have become crucial for businesses, Webex meeting software is very useful for the same purpose.

Webex is a screen sharing, online meeting and video conferencing software, which comes with Webex productivity tools including the Webex Outlook plugin.

 Webex Join Meeting Software is a Multi-platform software

Webex join meeting software has many pros. One of the pros of Webex join meeting software is that it is a multi-platform software. Most of the users like its multi-platform capabilities.

The availability of mobile version of Webex makes things easier for most of the users. If the software which you’re using currently for online meetings is not stable across different platforms, then you should try out Webex as it is highly stable on most of the platforms.

Many people choose a wrong online meeting software as it may not work with all the platforms. Webex team makes sure that Webex works on all platforms so that every person who wants to be part of the online conference will be able to access the meeting easily.

 Webex’s Special Features

Webex is better than other online conferencing software’s, because it comes with numerous features that you may not find in other software’s. Split-screen feature will help you in connecting with many people together.

The meetings are password-protected, which means that team members who are not part of the meeting won’t be able to access it. Remote desktop, white-boarding are some of the other good Webex features making it one of the most useful online conferencing software’s.

End-to-end encryption makes things safer and secure for businesses that are going to confirm some of their main business deals using an online meeting.

 Collaborate in the Best Way

Webex gives you the opportunity to collaborate in the best way with in-office team as well as remote teams. You will find that the Webex software has new updates regularly and the new features will help you in conducting best online meetings and conferences.

Webex’s support team provides expert support for making sure that the online meetings are arranged and scheduled properly.

Your online meetings will be conducted smoothly without any disturbances as the Webex support team will provide you complete help whenever you require it.

Systematic collaboration is possible with Webex because it has the best support team, integration tools, systematic updates, cross platform availability, and uses the latest technology.

Businesses shouldn’t be attracted to low priced software’s as they don’t use latest technology and don’t even have a good support team. To open .arf files from Webex join meeting recorder you need webex player which is available for both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

 Webex Outlook plugin

Webex Outlook plugin

Webex outlook plugin will help you in scheduling meetings in Outlook which will make things more flexible for you.

Webex team will guide you in scheduling meetings in Outlook; this is one of the best Webex features. Webex has other productivity tools available for Microsoft Office, Firefox etc.

These tools will help you to start and join meetings easily without even going to the Webex site.

 Why Webex?


Webex makes use of new technology and it is becoming popular day by day mainly because of the reason that all its users are completely satisfied.

Its team understands the requirement of users and that’s why the team works very hard to make sure that quality service is provided to businesses.

Online meetings and conferences can now bring you more business as Webex software and special Webex tools are available for you.

 Webex Pricing – Is it Affordable?

Webex is a very useful software allowing businesses to conduct online meetings in a very systematic way. Even if it has multiple features, Webex has 3 affordable plans suitable for different types of businesses.

Webex Premium 8 plan allowing up to 8 attendees is priced at $24, Premium 25 plan allowing up to 25 attendees costs $49 and Premium 100 plan allowing up to 100 attendees costs $89.

Webex plans are categorized as per the requirement of different businesses. If you’re unable to find a perfect plan for yourself, then you may contact the Webex team to know that whether they can customize a special plan for you.

Webex has competition from popular online meeting software’s like Ring Central and Team-viewer. Conducting online meetings and conferences have become easier because of Webex.

If you’ve have been searching for the best online conference software, then your search may end with Webex.