WRF Player

WRF player is used to play the files which ends with the .WRF format. The .WRF file is mainly combined with the WebEx Network recorder.

The WebEx player is developed to help users by playing all online recording files which are created from WebEx recorder including WebEx Recording Format (.WRF) files.

With the help of WebEx player users can play their recording, some users may call this WebEx player as WRF player why because it supports .WRF file formats.


What is .WRF File?

A WRF file is major file format which is Associated with WebEx Network Recorder. The files which ends with .WRF format are referred to as the network recorded filed. Basically a .WRF file  having information like, Audio, Video, Seminars, conference and all personal data which is recorded online through WebEx Network Recorder.

As discussed above to open this WRF file you just need to follow the download link below to download and follow the in-stallion steps to install wrf player.

WRF player To open .WRF files:

WRF Player

By using this WebEx or WRF player users can able to play a video in both online and Offline. What this means is users can play a video that exists in their PC or they can directly play the video from Web.

The WebEx player interface is simple and it is very easy to use. To play the file in the PC just double click on it, and the file will automatically open in WebEx player, (But users must install the WRF player in their Pc).

The online published file is also supported with the WebEx player, to play this type of file just go through the file link and click the file WebEx player will automatically plays the file. The online interface of WebEx player is also simple and user friendly.

Types of Contents available in WRF file:

The following kind of information will be available in .wrf files.

  • Desktop shares
  • Annotation
  • Pools
  • Audio
  • Chat conversations
  • Video
  • File transfer
  • Participant lists
  • Q&A Results

Download WebEx or WRF Player:

The WebEx player is most common player to play the recorded WRF files. You can download this WebEx player From Below links.

The WebEx or WRF player is available for both Windows and Mac Operating systems to help the customers with their platforms. Click on below Download link


After downloading this WebEx player users can install the player on their PC’s. To install the player just click on the downloaded file and simply follow the installing steps and the player will be installed in PC.

The downloaded .WRF file can be converted to other file formats like .WMV, .AVI, .MP4, .XVID, or .MPEG and after converting you can play the video in any PC without WebEx player and you can also send these files to those who doesn’t have WebEx Player.